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12 May 2020


Dear parents and carers


We hope this letter finds everyone as well as can be expected at this time.


Further to the Prime Minister’s briefing, we realise that there may be anxiety around the Government’s proposed ‘Road Map’ to remove the measures around social distancing and in particular, what they may mean for year 10 students seeing teachers before the end of the summer term and the transition arrangements for year 6 students coming to Merrill Academy in September.


Staff at Merrill are working hard to make sure that your child has enough work to keep them up to date whilst they are being home schooled.  Since the lockdown work has been available on the school website. This will continue until schools are back open. Teachers are also creating video lessons and other resources which are accessible via Microsoft Teams & Streams. To be able to access these your child must be able to access their school email.


If you do not know how students can access their email then the following will help you

1.     Go onto the academy website

2.     click on menu

3.     click on off-site learning

4.     just below the explanation about Ed Lounge there are 3 links - the top one is the student email - click on this

5.     students need to enter their email address which is their username followed by

6.     they then enter their password - the usual password for logging on

7.     if they have forgotten their password then the parent/carer needs to phone school and request a reset - the technicians can then reset the password.

Students can also use their school email to directly contact their teachers about any work that has been set. Emails, Teams & Streams can all be downloaded as an app so students can access their school work on a phone or tablet as well as a PC/laptop.

If you have a problem with any of the above or would like paper copies of any of the work please get in touch with the Academy.

As the government’s proposals emerge and become clearer, we will make sure we keep you updated. The safety of our students and staff remains the top priority for us at all times and any decision made will be based on this.


In the meantime, our academy remains open for the children of key workers and children deemed vulnerable only. The voucher scheme will continue to provide support to our free school meal families with advice being available through the school office.

We look forward to seeing you back, but only when the time is right and safe


Best wishes


Ms J Harlow                            




Mr P Brown 

Assistant Head


  Arrangements for students to work at home in the event of an extended school closure


 Your child has been set home learning to complete. Please go to the school website with your child, to access further details. Your support with this is much appreciated.  

This includes Ed Lounge. 

 There is an expectation that at least 3- 4 hours of activities are completed every school day with the Ed Lounge tasks being monitored closely by teaching staff.  

Students can access their Ed Loungeactivities through the homework button.

 Ed Lounge log on information is as follows:

School ID: merrill-academy

Username: YourName

-         No space

-         Capital letter at the start of your forename and surname e.g JoeBloggs

Password: Date of birth as 8 digits e.g. 01032005

Your child also needs to regularly check their school email address as their teachers will be in contact with them. A shortcut for this can be found on our website. Other activities will also be set which will involve the Classcharts App and the work booklets they bring home.                    

In our community we all need to look after each other to keep safe and well. Please take care.

Remote Access

Student email login

Student email guide

Student remote access

Student remote access guide


Useful Links


BBC Bite Size - Daily Lessons

Listed below are some workbooks students can use while at home:


Year 11

Here is a study skills booklet that will help you develop skills useful for your post 16 studies.


Year 11 Transition work to Post 16 Study


Below are 6 grids of tasks to do to further develop work and study skills. Fill in the Progression Log to keep a track of what you manage to complete and what you have learnt.
B3 is very useful if you are going straight into a job.
C3 is useful for finding out how to manage your money as an adult.


Progression Log

A1. Project Future Planning the next steps 1

A2. Project Future Planning the next steps 2

A3. Project Futures Personal LORIC

B3. Project Future Preparing for the world of work

C3. Project Future Maths

If you have decided to continue your studies at college or sixth form, and know which course you want to do, you will find it useful to start to do pre- study tasks in for those subjects. Pick the grid that is closest to the subject(s) you want to do and then try some of the tasks. Again log what you do on the Progression Log in the previous section.

PiXL Progression - Creative and Performing Arts (Year 11-12)

PiXL Progression - English, Media and MFL (Year 11-12)

PiXL Progression - IT, Computer Science and Business (Year 11-12)

PiXL Progression - Science, Maths and Engineering (Year 11-12)

PiXL Progression - Social Sciences and humanities (Year 11-12)

PiXL Progression - Sports (Year 11-12)

Step Future 19-20


KS4 English Workbook paper

Short Stories Booklet

Year 7 - Short Stories Remote Learning Booklet

Year 8 - Creative Writing Remote Learning Booklet

Year 9 - 1984 Remote Learning Booklet

Yr9 - Freedom and Speeches

Yr8 - Diverse Voices Poetry

Yr7 - W+C comprehension

Yr7 - W+C comprehension answers

The Charge of the Light Brigade - Remote Learning Booklet

Storm on the Island - Remote Learning Booklet

Ozymandias - Remote Learning Booklet

My Last Duchess - Remote Learning Booklet

Bayonet Charge- Remote Learning Booklet


Year 7 Home Learning Pack

Year 8 Home Learning Pack

Year 9 Home Learning Pack

Year 10 Home Learning Pack

Year 11 Home Learning Pack Foundation

Year 11 Home Learning Pack Higher

Year 7 Home Study Pack 2

Year 8 Home Study Pack 2

Year 9 Home Study Pack 2

Year 10 Higher Home Study Pack 2

Year 10 Foundation Home Study Pack 2

Year 7 Home Learning Pack Answers Maths

Year 8 Home Learning Pack Answers Maths

Year 9 Home Learning Pack Answers Maths

Year 10 Home Learning Pack Answers Maths


Science KS3 Workbook 1

Science KS3 Workbook 2

Science KS3 Workbook 3

Science KS3 Workbook 1 answers

Science KS3 workbook 2 answers

Science KS3 workbook 3 answers

Chem Paper 1

Physics Paper 1

Paper 1 Revision Booklet

School closure unit ks3 worksheets

Introduction to science homework tasks

Introduction to science yr 7 work booklet

Yr 7 Independent Science tasks 2020

Yr 8 Independent Science tasks 2020

Y10 Easter Booklet

Year 7 additional homework tasks

Yr8 additional homework for science

KS3 revision workbook and guide

All in 1 Topic B1 booklet - Year 9 revision on cell biology and cell transport

Vocational Studies


Year 10 Childcare


Childcare Part 1

Childcare Part 2


Abuse and Neglect Notes and Tasks

Growth And Dev't Notes

Year 10 HS care


HS Care Part 1

HS Care Part 2


Barrier Case Study's

Components 2 Coursework task 1-3

HSc Services and Values case studies 

HSc Services Notes

Sam And Verna Support Sheet

Sam And Verna

Year 11 Childcare Homework

Case studies for assignment 1

Component 1 assignment 1 and 2 assessment sheets

Component 2 assignment 1 and 2 assessment sheets

GULNAZ case study

Year 11 HSc Homeworking

Component 2 - Learning Aim B



Sports Studies Workbook KS4


Designing an app Year 7 Workbook

Designing an app Year 8 Workbook

Designing an app Year 9 Workbook

Code ClubThis is a great site to learn programming skills. You can develop your skills using Scratch, Raspberry PI, Python, Sonic Pi and more. Its great fun.

Khan Academy - This is a great site for learning about computing and programming. Have a go at the Drawing and Animation tasks. Its fun and really helps you learn how to code.

Scratch - This is a great site where you can learn more about using Scratch, improve your skills, develop understanding and create some interactive games.

Year 7 IT

Cipher game Mr Burns

Encryption and Decryption

Who Shot Mr Burns - Messages File

Designing an app

Designing an app - Answers

Year 8 IT

Cipher game Mr Burns

Encryption and Decryption

Who Shot Mr Burns - Messages File

Designing an app

Designing an app - Answers


Year 9 IT

Cipher game Mr Burns

Encryption and Decryption

Who Shot Mr Burns - Messages File

Designing an app

Designing an app - Answers



Geography KS3 Workbook

KS3 RE Buddhism Workbook

KS4 Geography Coasts / Rivers

KS4 Geography Urban Wookbook


Geographical EnquiryKS3


Year 8 History Booklet 

Year 9 History Booklet

KS4 History Booklet

Year 7 History Tudors

Tudor Workbook Assessmenet 1

Year 8 First World War Booklet questionnaire

Year 9 Medicine through Time Booklet Quiz

Year 7 WW1 Booklet

Year 8 Tudors

Year 9 History booklet 2


French KS4 Reading Workbook

French KS4 Writing Workbook

French Y9 Workbook

French Y7 C'est Perso - Booklet

French Y8 Workbook

French Y9 Practice Workbook

French Y9 Answers

Year 7 Cover Booklet Answers

Year 7 Cover Booklet Answers Part 2

French Y8 Answers

French Year 7 C'est Perso Answers

Year 9 Second booklet

French Y8 - Second Booklet

French Y7 - Second Booklet

Design & Technology

Cereal Packet Booklet

Y9 Phone Stand Home Learning Project 2020

Year 10 - GCSE DT -  Technical Textiles and Smart Materials

Year 9 + 10 - Food technology - Booklet 1


Booklet Page

Work Sheets  (choose 'lessons' or 'exercises' at the top) (select grade 1) (explore site and look at KS3, trailblazers)


Philosophy KS4 revision pack

Sample KS4 Questions




KS3 Abstract Art Project
KS3-Pop Art Project
KS4-Yr 10 Fine Art Task 1
KS4-yr 10 Fine Art Task 2


Please find useful links for home learning:

 Personal Development

DANCOP Home Learning Resources

Pixl Build Up programme to support students personal development

Wellbeing booklet for AFC students. March 2020

Careers education at home

DANCOP Independent Me - Stage 1

DANCOP Independent Me - Stage 2

A3 Activites you can do from home - KS4

A3 Activites you can do from home - KS3

Advanced Picture News Resource - 30th March

DANCOP Independent Me - Stage 1 and cover letter

DANCOP Independent Me - Stage 2

DANCOP Independent Me - Stage 3

Global Dimension News Letter

Red Cross - Kindness calendar and activities

Decisionz Magazine for schools

Advanced Picture News Resource - 20th April

Ramadan in Self-Isolation

Picture News Special Resource - Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter 2020 Resource - June 2020

Advanced Picture News England Coverage document - Summer 1 2020

Aim Awards 

1. Types of Visitor Attractions

2. Matching people to visitor attractions

3. Choosing the best attraction

Aim Awards Career Planning L1 Workbook 

4.  Planning a day at the attraction

5.  The cost of the trip

6.  Presenting the trip


 Big Maths login for you to access Big Maths learning from home.

 Go to:

School pin: 0729

Username: firstname.lastname

Password: Bigmaths1




History for Y9/10.

Design and Technology



KS4 Search for Edexcel B Geography

 Modern Foreign Languages



MantraLingua is now available for free and students are able to read dual language books there and practise their understanding.


Online safety support for families

 Guidance for parents and carers on supporting children and young people's mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak can be accessed via the Government document below. This document also offers support regarding financial concerns for any parent or carer.


The Home office has provided guidance and support for parents and carers to keep children safe from different risks online, it includes:
  • Keeping your child safe online
  • What harms might my child experience online?
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Radicalising content
  • 'Sexting' (youth -produced sexual imagery)
  • Cyberbulling
  • Age-appropriate content and parental controls
  • Suicide content
  • Support for children

Online safety advice regarding radicalisation online, please see the website 'Let's Talk About It' on for up to date information on what radicalisation is, how to spot the signs as well as resources and support for any parents who may have concerns. 

Keeping the family entertained with In Derby


Keeping children of all ages busy is one of the challenges facing families during the COVID-19 pandemic, so the team at In Derby are looking closer to home during the restrictions brought in to keep everyone safe. While all local venues remain closed, the In Derby website is focusing on things to keep families entertained at home.


Content includes:

  • Ideas for families with younger children and ideas for older children and teenagers
  • Top ten books for children, available to borrow for free as ebooks or audiobooks
  • Family days out in the city centre includes virtual tours of Derby Museum and Art Gallery, climbing up Derby Cathedral Tower, tours of exhibitions at QUAD and Déda
  • The Woodland Trust activities
  • Harry Potter At Home – official, online wizarding activities
  • Let’s Create, a Facebook page set up by Babbling Vagabonds Storytelling Theatre, for fun and creative things to do.
  • Swim England activities to download, including activities to teach about water safety
  • Crafty ideas for older children
  • Derby Active at Home, packed with online workout classes to try at home, including a basic gymnastics routine that is suitable for children.

Crimestoppers (A blog repost) Take Five to Stop Fraud


Just like this virus, criminals are targeting the vulnerable.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19 there has been an increase in cybercrime and fraud. Take Five is a national campaign that offers advice to help everyone protect themselves from preventable financial fraud




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