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Named after Windsor Castle, the house provides every student with a proud sense of royal belonging; a home for all students irrespective of their background. Our academy values: Community Excellence, Determination and Empathy are foundations to embedding skills such as resilience, independence and kindness throughout the academy.

Students pride themselves on setting a gold standard level of excellence and thus have created a strong community ethos. Students are inspired to develop their social, physical and intellectual skills both inside and outside of the classroom. It is obvious to witness the growing enthusiasm and confidence the Windsor students have for each other for being part of the best house.

Windsor students are extremely ambitious and competitive who are fully prepared and very keen to take part in house competitions. Windsor’s student councillors seek to achieve to their highest of abilities, modelling excellence and empathy by fund raising for local and national charities.

Being part of Windsor means students learn to become resilient, confidence and collaborative in their approach to shaping their lives. Being part of Windsor means choosing the best…

Student Councillors

  • Adrianna Bryjak
  • Ashley Chinemo
  • Klaudia Ksiazkiewicz
  • Jemima Langton
  • Amber Goodman
  • Emilli Obodova
  • Phoebe Smith
  • Mia Cummins
  • Taylor Louch
  • Julia Topolewsksa
  • Leyla Surer
  • Lyla Keates
  • Venera Shabani
  • Milan Mroc

Windsor Honours List

  • Autumn 2 2017 Windsor
  • Spring 2 2018 Windsor
  • Summer 2 2018 Windsor
  • Whole school House Honours List

    • Autumn 1 2016 - Nightingale
    • Autumn 2 2016 - Brunel
    • Spring 1 2017 - Nightingale
    • Spring 2 2017 - Shackleton
    • Summer 1 2017 - Shackleton
    • Summer 2 2017 - Brunel
    • Autumn 1 2017 - Brunel
    • Autumn 2 2017 - Windsor
    • Spring 1 2018 - Nightingale
    • Spring 2 2018 - Windsor
    • Summer 1 2018 - Shackleton
    • Summer 2 2018 - Windsor

    Sport Day Cup

    • Summer 2016 - Brunel
    • Summer 2017 - Shackleton
    • Summer 2018 - Brunel
    Mr A. New

    Mr A. New

    Teacher of PE and Head of Windsor House

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