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The vision of the science department at Merrill Academy is to enthuse and engage students in the amazing subject of science through practical and experiential learning that is tailored to meet their needs. We believe students learn best when they are working collaboratively, asking questions about the world around them and using experiments and other active learning strategies to answer these questions while improving their knowledge and understanding. We have an expert, passionate and dedicated team of professionals who are deeply committed to ensuring the Merrill students achieve their potential in the final examinations and just as importantly leave school with a life-long desire to continue to develop their science learning whether through further and higher education or as a hobby or interest.

KS3 Curriculum plan/map

Year 7 Biology Chemistry Physics
Term 1 Cells Seperating Mixtures Circuits (voltage & resistance / current)
Variation Particle Model Energy (transfer/costs)
Term 2 Movement Acids and alkalis Sound
Metals & non-metals Light
Term 3 Interdependence Earth Structure Space and Universe
Reproduction (Human/Plant) Forces and Gravity
Year 8 Biology Chemistry Physics
Term 1 Digestion Periodic Table Magnets & Electromagnets
Photosynthesis Elements Waves (Properties & effects)
Term 2 Respiration Chemical Energy Speed
Breathing Types of reaction Pressure
Term 3 Evolution Climate Work
Inheritance Earth's Resources Heating and Cooling
Year 9 Biology Chemistry Physics
September Transition Test (if not done in July Yr8)
Term 1 Cell Biology Atomic Structure  
Periodic Table
Term 2   Chemical Change Energy
Quantitative Chem
Term 3 Organisation   Particle Model of matter
Atomic Structure (overlap)
Year 10 Biology Chemistry Physics
Term 1 Infection & Response Bonding Structure & Properties Electricity
Term 2 11W Homeostasis Energy Changes Organic chem & Analysis  
Rate & Extent chem change
Term 3 12W Bioenergetics   Forces
Summer Year 10 Exams
Year 11 Biology Chemistry Physics
Term 1 15W Inheritance & variation Atmosphere Waves
Evolution Resources
Term 2 Ecology Resources Magnetism
Revision Revision Revision
Term 3 Revision Revision Revision
Exams Exams Exams

How are Students assessed at KS3?

At the beginning of Year 7, all students will sit a Science ‘Baseline’ test covering KS2 topics in order to establish their current level of knowledge and understanding from Primary School Science.

Students will then complete unit tests for the majority of the topics covered during the two year KS3 Science curriculum. These tests will be fairly regular and are likely to take place at least every half term.

The results of these tests will provide evidence for their current level of attainment and predicted grades when making the transition to GCSE Science.

At the end of Year 8, all students will sit a GCSE transition test before starting their GCSE course in Year 9.

KS4 Curriculum plan/map

How are students assessed at KS4?

Students will have sat a KS3/KS4 transition test at the end of Year 8 in preparation for the start of their GCSE course. All students work towards completing two Science GCSE’s during Years 9-11, with all external exams being completed at the end of Year 11.

In order to track progress throughout the GCSE course, students will complete a topic test in the majority of the units of work. These are short tests of between 30-45 minutes and contain representative GCSE style questions. The results of these assessments will provide the evidence for their current level of attainment and predicted grades for GCSE.

Year 10 complete a Mock Examination in the Summer Term that uses questions from past papers.

Year 11 complete Mock Examinations in the Autumn and Spring Term using past papers and the results are analysed using Pixl to provide personalised targets for students.

Extension Activities / Planned Trips

Autumn term

Tomorrows Engineers workshops and show to Year 8. Energy Busters with Eon workshops for Year 9. STEM Bus workshops for Years 9-11.

Spring term

STEM Week 11-15th March: After school dissection workshop, after school science show for year 7, Northworthy Trust STEM Challenge for Year 8, Smallpiece Trust STEM workshops for Year 9 – Girls focus.

Summer Term

  • Energy Busters with Eon workshops for Year 9.
  • STEM Bus workshops for Years 9-11.
  • Smallpiece STEM workshops encouraging girls into science.

Careers Information / Next Steps

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