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Our Curriculum Intent:

Our mission statement is:

"Using mathematics, you see the world beyond your imagination”

[Nilesh Prasad]

Mathematics is required for everyday life and understanding our world’s economy. It is also essential for designing, art, engineering, and understanding the world and the wider universe. It is fundamentally important to ensure that all students have the best possible mathematics education. They need to understand the mathematics they learn so they can be creative in solving problems, as well as being confident in using the mathematical skills which are necessary and transferable for life. A fundamental outcome from the study of mathematics is the understanding that "every problem has a solution”.

At Merrill, our Mathematics curriculum aims to teach the following skills:

1.      Fluency in the fundamental concepts and processes of Mathematics

2.      Reasoning ability, i.e. to be able to provide a Mathematical argument to follow lines of enquiry; generating and testing hypotheses; proof; address misconceptions with Mathematical reasoning

3.      Problem Solving through applying fluency to novel problems in systematic ways

4.      Knowledge Retrieval


KS3 Curriculum map


KS4 Curriculum map – GCSE Maths: Edexcel

At the end of Year 9 students are assessed using the Edexcel GCSE Baseline test to decide whether they should follow the Foundation or Higher route in years 10 and 11.

Year 10

Year 10

GCSE (9-1) Higher Route

GCSE (9-1) Foundation Route

Unit 1 Number

Unit 1 Number

Unit 2 Algebra

Unit 2 Algebra

Unit 3 Interpreting and representing data

Unit 3 Graphs, tables and charts

Unit 4 Fractions, ratio and proportion

Unit 4 Fractions and percentages

Unit 5 Angles and trigonometry

Unit 5 Equations, inequalities and sequences

Unit 6 Graphs

Unit 6 Angles

Unit 7 Area and volume

Unit 7 Averages and range

Unit 8 Transformation and constructions

Unit 8 Perimeter, area and volume 1

Unit 9 Equations and inequalities

Unit 9 Graphs

Unit 10 Probability

Unit 10 Transformations

Unit 11 Multiplicative reasoning

Unit 11 Ratio and proportion

Unit 12 Similarly and congruence

Unit 12 Right-angled triangles

Unit 13 More trigonometry

Unit 13 Probability

Unit 14 Further statistics

Unit 14 Multiplicative reasoning

Unit 15 Equations and graphs

Unit 15 Constructions, loci and bearings




The Year 11 course content is split into six strands:

Number, Algebra, Geometry, Ratio, Proportion and Rate of Change, Probability and Statistics

Each class teacher writes a medium-term scheme of learning which is bespoke to the needs of their group. These are identified from the careful analysis of the year 10 mock exam.




Homework is an important part of the course and will be set once a week. The nature of the tasks set will vary and may include the follow up of class-work activities, computer set tasks, combination of electronic homework and paper-based homework are used.



Head of Faculty

Mr N Prasad





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