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English (Language and Literature)

Passion makes learning fun and there is no shortage of passion within the English department! Join us in diving in to a rich variety of fiction and non-fiction texts; investigate the context and the inspiration that drove the authors to put pen to paper; study the writers’ methods to express their views, thoughts and passions and be inspired to express yourself through your own writing. GCSE English isn’t just about reading and writing, but about exploring and appreciating the world around us and having fun on that journey through the past, present and future.

KS3 Curriculum plan/map

KS3 is all about developing a passion for the subject and improving our knowledge and skills along the way. In year 7 we delve in to the world of Myths and Legends and in year 8 the Gothic genre. The journey takes us through the 19th, 20th and 21st century, exploring novels, short stories and poetry to develop a deeper passion for reading and writing and to widen our understanding of the world around us and the famous writers who have influenced our times.

How are Students assessed at KS3?

The three key skills of reading, writing, and speaking and listening are assessed throughout the year. Students will complete two assessments per half term, which will enable progress to be monitored and targets to be set to support all students in performing to their full potential.

KS4 Curriculum plan/map

In English we run a three year KS4 course. In year 9 students will study A Christmas Carol, Romeo and Juliet and a collection of poems. These texts are all studied in preparation for the English Literature GCSE exams. Alongside these texts students will develop further their reading and writing skills, in preparation for the GCSE Language exams.

In year 10 students will study An Inspector Calls, re-visit the texts studied in year 9 and take a more question by question and assessment objectives focused approach to the English Language GCSE. They will also individually plan and present a speaking and Listening presentation.

In year 11, students will again re-visit and embed their knowledge and understanding of the English Literature texts and further develop and fine-tune their English Language reading and writing skills.

How are students assessed at KS4?

Students are regularly assessed throughout the year, through single question mini assessments in class (at least twice a half term). In addition students will complete two full mock exams at the end of year 10 (Language and Literature) and three full mock exams during year 11 (one Literature and two Language). Through these mock exams and assessments the specific areas for development are identified for each individual and revision sessions and homework are tailored to their specific needs.

Extension Activities / Planned Trips

  • Year 7 – Christmas theatre production
  • Year 8 – Alvaston Castle for inspiration for Gothic writing
  • Year 9 – Nottingham Dungeons – understanding Victorian England
  • Year 10 – Poetry Live! Day trip to the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham
  • Year 11 – Poetry Live! Day trip to the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham

Careers Information / Next Steps

Achieving a good pass in English is essential for whichever route or journey you take in the future. Whether it be a college course, an apprenticeship, or A Levels, a good pass in English will always be required.

If you have a real passion for the subject, then a career as a journalist, or writer, might be just what you are looking for? You might even consider becoming an English teacher! If a career in teaching or professional writing is what you are looking for, then aim high and head for University!

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