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‘At Merrill Academy we are ambitious for all our students and have high aspirations. A relevant and challenging academic programme, ensures students are fully prepared to pursue their future educational and career aspirations. Within this framework students develop the knowledge, transferable skills and resilience they need to be successful. We want the very best for all our students, helping them to aspire and succeed regardless of the pathway students decide to follow, be it an apprenticeship, employment with training, further education or university. Learning about the world of work, employability and the labour market allow our students to make informed choices about their future.  The securing of economic wellbeing promotes participation and social mobility, this in turn builds stronger more prosperous communities.’

Young people continuing in education until they are 18,

‘The law requires all young people in England to continue in education or training until at least their 18th birthday, although in practice the vast majority of young people continue until the end of the academic year in which they turn 18.’ Summary pt. 5, Participation of young people in education, employment or training statutory guidance for local authorities, Department for Education, September 2016.

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Supporting your child with Post-16 Options,



'The Parents Guide to' website. This website contains useful information to help you support your child at key transition points in their education, including Year 9 options and the move into Post 16 education, employment or training after Year 11.


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